Identification Required for "Just About Everything"...but

On a straight party line vote (7-6), Democrats in the New Mexico House of Representatives killed a bill introduced by Dianne Hamilton of Silver City that would have made it much more difficult for anyone or any group of people to commit voter fraud in the state. Despite the fact that polling has repeatedly revealed overwhelming support for protecting legitimate voters from the possibility of widespread fraud through the requirement of photo I.D.'s, Democrats held firm. Some observers speculated that when a huge crowd of concerned citizens showed up yesterday in Santa Fe, mostly in support of the proposal, and the hearing and vote was postponed so that a larger room could be used, a few Democrats might give in. However, when it was all said and done, the bill met the same fate as many reform proposals made by the GOP in this legislative session.
Dianne Hamilton
“Those thousands of New Mexicans who want voter photo ID should take a good look at those who voted against it today,” said Rep. Dianne Hamilton (Silver City, Dist. 38.) “I’m not finished with this fight,” she continued “New Mexicans have to show a photo ID for so many things already. They deserve to have elections with more integrity.” Today's vote is the strongest indication yet that with Democrats in charge in the House and Senate the next two years will be mostly about gridlock rather than a meaningful change in the culture in Santa Fe. Get used to reform bill killing and Martinez vetoes.



Anonymous said...

The democrats have been the beneficiaries of voter fraud in New Mexico. Why would they agree to eliminate corruption when they're the party that benefits? Of course they're against ending voter fraud.

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