"Keep Our Forests Open" Rally Set

It would appear that the citizens will have to take time out of their lives again to preserve a basic freedom. Hundreds, perhaps thousands of New Mexicans are expected to rally in Silver City on Saturday, March 5th against the radicals in the Obama administration. Why? this time it is the U.S. Forest Service’s plans to close access roads inside the Gila Forest. The rally will take place starting at noon at the Silver City Convention Center. “This is the time to come together and say, "enough is enough," Congressman Steve Pearce told about 100 residents of Truth or Consequences Thursday night. “It is time for the Forest Service to keep those roads open to the public.
This is about an attempt to take away another of our freedoms as Americans.” The meeting in Truth or Consequences Thursday night was organized by the new group, “Keep Our Forest Open.” It was created by individuals that have voiced frustration over the Forest Service’s proposed Travel Management Plan, which calls for thousands of miles of roads inside the Gila to be closed. “Can we count on you to be at the rally March 5th in Silver City?” Reverend Mike Skidmore asked at the meeting. Nearly every hand was raised. “We’re just regular people leading everyday lives, but it’s time for folks like us to rise up and let our voice be heard,” said Skidmore. “We are against the Forest Service taking away our access, and we need to let them know it.”
Congressman Pearce is expected to be one of several speakers at the rally in Silver City. The “Keep Our Forest Open” organization said it is working with other organizations that use the forest, including ATV users, hunting and gun clubs, Tea Party activists, and other concerned citizens. All are planning to rally March 5th in Silver City, just two days before the deadline set by the Forest Service for public comments to be made on the issue. “I see everyday people getting energized and motivated to get involved when their freedoms are being threatened such as with the proposed road closures,” Pearce said. “It is amazing what can happen when citizens want freedom. These organizations in New Mexico are gathering momentum, and I anticipate the Forest Service will hear the voices of freedom at the March 5th rally.”



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