Haussamen: A Real Disservice to New Mexicans

Heath Haussamen
NMPolitics - A change in House leadership was needed earlier this year, but most Democrats and Republicans instead opted for the status quo. While they’re busy playing games, who is doing the business of the people they were elected to represent? When Republicans opted against supporting Rep. Joseph Cervantes’ attempt to overthrow House Speaker Ben Luján earlier this year, they made a political decision that they would have a better chance of taking control of the House in 2012 if the controversial Luján was speaker.
Ben Lujan
Now they’re upset that Luján broke House rules on Wednesday to stop their attempt to revive a bill that would make it illegal for undocumented immigrants to obtain driver’s licenses. What did they expect? Luján has a history of bending and breaking House rules, of twisting arms, and of not treating people fairly. He acts that way in full view of the public without concern for who’s watching. In fact, Wednesday night he broke the rules even though the governor’s office was recording him. Luján plays dirty if that’s what it takes to win. He often displays a lack of respect for the process, and for his colleagues. This is apparent to anyone who’s paying close attention. Read full column here: News New Mexico



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