Haussamen's Take on Wirth-Rue Interview

NMPolitics - Sens. Peter Wirth and Sander Rue went on the radio program News New Mexico this morning to decry a rule their colleagues passed that allows committee chairs or ranking members to shut down filming and photographing of public meetings. Referring to an incident in which I was questioned by the chair and ranking member of the Senate Finance Committee before I was allowed to photograph last week, Wirth said what is “particularly challenging” from a First Amendment standpoint is asking a person’s purpose in wanting to film or photograph – which happened to me. “I think it goes too far, and we’re going to have some First Amendment issues,” said Wirth, D-Santa Fe and a lawyer. “I just don’t see how asking individuals what the purpose of their filming is, how that’s going to pass scrutiny.” The N.M. Foundation for Open Government shares Wirth’s concerns. Read full story here: News New Mexico


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