"Keep Our Forest Open" Rally Draws Over 700

Congressman Pearce Addresses Audience in Silver City
Silver City, NM (March 5, 2011) Today, an estimated 750 New Mexicans rallied at the Grant County Business and Convention Center in Silver City, New Mexico to oppose the Forest Service’s proposal to close roads in the Gila National Forest. The rally was organized by the Reverend Mike Skidmore of Truth or Consequences, who has established an organization called “Keep Our Forest Open” to oppose the closures. Skidmore said he has taken his children, grandchildren, and members of his congregation into the Gila for years, and is upset that the Forest Service plan could jeopardize his ability to do so in the future.
Congressman Steve Pearce has heard an outcry from New Mexicans in opposition to the proposed closings, and said he wanted to lend his support to the effort to make sure that his constituents’ voices are being heard. "I'm here today for all of those who have spoken out before, but haven't been listened to. I'm here for all the elderly, the disabled, the families...all those who would lose access to their favorite places to spend time with loved ones.
I'm here today for all the forgotten men and women who go to work, and pay their taxes, and quietly go about their lives. And the reverberations from all the hundreds of you here today will be heard all the way to Washington." Pearce emphasized the importance of conservation and of preserving the state’s treasures. He also argued that enjoyment of those treasures is a freedom that must be preserved for everyone. The Forest Service’s public comment period for the issue ends Monday. New Mexicans are strongly encouraged to voice their concerns before the deadline.



Janet White said...

Last time I looked, Department of Agriculture (U.S.Forest Service) is funded by Congress. CONGRESSman Pearce COULD reach across the aisle, do some outreach, a little consensus building and bipartisan effort to defund the Forest Service. "100 Years of Caring for Land and Serving the People" isn't working all that well, is it?

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