Mexican Female Police Chief Seeks Asylum in US

Marisol Valles Garcia
From -Garcia admits, there is a considerable amount of fear that has come with her new title, but the young, energetic and possibly naive woman believes her special brand of community policing which arms itself with principles and values and focuses on prevention will slowly heal the community from the inside out.  Garcia, who has two bodyguards, will not carry any weapons and wants to hire more women in addition to the three already on her staff of 13 officers. She also wants these officers to be unarmed in order to assume a non-violent role.  Although Garcia claims she welcomed her new role, there are many people who are not as enthused about having a woman – especially a non-violent one – at the helm of the war on drugs. It looks like those non-violent techniques did not work out so well for Marisol.  She fled to the US earlier this month and is seeking asylum. She is being held in a detention centre for migrants in El Paso, just across the Rio Bravo from Ciudad Ju├írez.  More News New Mexico


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