NM Railrunner Express:Groundbreaking or Boondoggle?

From newwest.net -Riding the Rail Runner Express commuter train between Albuquerque and Santa Fe is a distinctly New Mexican experience. As soon as the train doors close with a Looney Toons-style Road Runner meep meep chime, the crew warns passengers not to snap photos out of the windows because the train will soon cross the Tewa Pueblo and other sacred Native American lands in the Rio Grande Valley. With a wave of GOP hostility toward commuter rail projects across the country, that experience is uncertain following the election last fall of Republican Gov. Susana Martinez, who has long questioned the need and cost of the Rail Runner Express, the first inter-city commuter rail project in the Rocky Mountain region. One of Democratic former Gov. Bill Richardson's most visible legacies, the Rail Runner Express connects cities in New Mexico's most populous region, ushering commuters from the state's largest city to the state capital. More News New Mexico


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