Sanchez Still Thinking About Senate Run

John Sanchez
Capitol Report New Mexico - Lt. Governor John Sanchez says he hasn’t made up his mind whether to make a run for the Republican nomination for the US Senate seat that Jeff Bingaman is retiring from in 2012. “New Mexico has a history of having the two US Senate seats held by one Republican and one Democrat,” Sanchez told about 40 people at a Friends of Capitalism meeting in Santa Fe Tuesday (April 12). “And it’s causing a lot of heartburn among conservatives that there could be two liberal Democrats in the Senate [after the 2012 election].” Democrat Tom Udall holds one Senate seat and Rep. Martin Heinrich, a favorite of liberals and environmentalists, has declared his candiacy for Bingaman’s seat. “What people are looking for in New Mexico is a Republican who is fiscally conservative,” Sanchez said. “They’re looking for candidates who haven’t reinvented themselves.” That “reinvented themselves” line could be a swipe at former Congresswoman Heather Wilson, who has already announced that she will run for the GOP nomination to fill Bingaman’s seat. While Wilson has received support from such Republican stalwarts as Pete Domenici, some New Mexico conservatives think she is too squishy on fiscal and social issues. Read full story here: News New Mexico


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