Welfare Funded, Troops?......Nope

Taking a few steps back from the hysteria of the looming government shutdown, a few points seem noteworthy. First, the budget deal Congress is arguing about right now should have been passed prior to July of 2010. This fiscal year is almost over. Why are we discussing the budget for it? President Obama, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi had more than twelve months to pass the current budget. And they could do it with huge majorities. Now they blame the budget impasse on their opponents. The truth is Obama, Reid, and Pelosi preferred the so-called “Continuing Resolution” (C.R.) method of spending because with a “C.R.” they did not have to actually go on the record as having voted for a plan that involved a $1.5 trillion budget deficit in 2010.
Perhaps an even more compelling point is the implication of Obama’s sudden veto threat of yet another continuing resolution. Welfare recipients in the U.S. appear to be fully funded until the fall of 2011. However, military personnel, those in harm’s way in Afghanistan, and in the new war with Libya, as well as in the old war in Iraq, will NOT be paid. It seems that welfare recipients are a higher funding priority than combat troops. What else do New Mexico voters need to know about these three policymaking leaders. The message to voters, be careful who you send to Washington to caucus with Reid and Pelosi.



Anonymous said...

Like Saddam with innocent civilians, the democrats are using American soldiers and their families as human shields to continue their deficit spending. The second a government shutdown is in sight the democrats cry foul and point out that a shutdown will mean that America's freedom fighters will be the first to NOT GET PAID. How convenient. I can't wait for November 2012.

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