Free The Federal Lands for States to Develop

From -When the United States was formed the Congress owned no lands. It is time to establish the right of land ownership for every state in the union. The best and most comprehensive way economic initiative can be returned to the states has to do with control of the land within each state, which bears directly on oil and gas exploration and drilling. Recognition of the sovereign right of each state to control the use of lands within its borders would result in an incredible increase in exploration and drilling, the creation of jobs both within and alongside that activity, and would quickly reduce our dependence on OPEC and non-friendly sources of oil and gas. Just the declared intention to do so would by itself dramatically impact world oil prices. Consider the tremendous economic activity and the attending prosperity that is now occurring in North Dakota (population less than 700,000). The key is that oil and gas drilling and related business development are under the mandate of North Dakota, not Washington, DC. More News New Mexico


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