Obama's Illegal Alien Nation

From washingtontimes.com -President Obama is in El Paso Tuesday to give a speech on what he calls “the broken immigration system.” He’d know because he’s the one helping break it. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the Secure Communities program under which local law enforcement must turn over illegal criminals to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) for deportation. The agency estimates that local law enforcement arrests over 1 million people a year who are not U.S. citizens. Liberal officials in both Illinois and San Francisco last week announced that they will no longer participate in the the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) program, preferring instead to allow criminal illegal aliens to roam the streets. While the White House has not responded to the immigration retreat.  More News New Mexico


Anonymous said...

There's not much that can be fixed in the way of immigration as long as Obama is president. Amnesty is not an option and that's Obama's plan.

Anonymous said...

Respectfully, MOST OF YOU are wrong about creating any form of conditions for amnesty before securing the border and enforcing the existing laws that would make it very, very difficult for illegals to earn a living in America. You run down everyone using a false SS number, you punish employers harshly who employ illegals, you stop banks from opening bank accounts for anyone who is here illegally. After you've systematically forced them into menial jobs underground you then send immigration agents to those places of employment to root out as many as you can. We STOP issuing drivers licenses and state sponsored credentials. Can we deport 15 to 20 million? No. Can we educate them to our way of life, Rachel? No. We can't even achieve that with our own children. Can we secure the border? I don't know, we really haven't tried yet. But, amnesty will only encourage others to come here illegally.

Anonymous said...

Please show me where in the Constitution for the United States the power is granted for the federal government to manage immigration.

You can't because immigration was left to the States to manage. If you question this, then read Article I, Section 9. The answer is there as to who admits whom. The feds didn't steal the power until around 1906 when they created the immigration bureau. Anyone who has worked on their family genealogy knows that for the first 140 yrs, the state determined immigration and performed naturalization. In fact, the feds cannot naturalize anyone, NO POWER GIVEN. READ the Constitution. The feds are to make a single uniform rule which the states use to naturalize folks. Everyone naturalized by the fed is not really a citizen.

If the Tea Party and other folks want these issues addressed, they need to learn the truth. 99.99% of what the fed does and what people think the fed should do is unconstitutional. Ignorance is the most rampant disease in the Union.

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