Heinrich:Cut Corporate Taxes By More Than Half

Martin Heinrich
Pulaski note: Martin Heinrich is a well known progressive and this statement goes against everything a progressive stands for.  This may be a sign of how the political tides are changing for next election.  From capitolreportnewmexico.com -Rep. Martin Heinrich (D-New Mexico) spoke to the Greater Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce yesterday (June 20) and said he’d like to see the federal corporate tax rate reduced from the current 35 percent to something in the “mid-teens.”  In addition, Heinrich said he’s in favor of a “corporate flat tax rate.”  More News New Mexico


Anonymous said...

It will be a cold day in hell if and when this guy ever sponsors a bill that would reduce taxes on anyone or anything. Watch carefully and you'll see that once a bill is presented to reduce corporate taxes he'll find plenty of excuses to vote against it.

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