Illegal drugs and terrorists create an American police state

Michael and Conrad
NMPolitics - What bothers me most about illegal drugs and terrorists is they are causing the American police state. With these perceived needs, the police authorities can abuse citizens with impunity. Example: Leaving Boston’s Logan International several years ago I went problem-free through the screening until I handed my itinerary to the last agent, who said, “Your itinerary is incorrect. Go back and correct it.”
“What do I need to correct?”
His eyes narrowed. “Your itinerary is incorrect. Go back and correct it.” At the airline’s counter the agent looked carefully at my itinerary and ticket. “No, this is correct. Go back and tell that TSA guy he is full of crap.” I blurted, “Not in this lifetime or the next am I telling a TSA official he is full of crap.” So I wandered back to the security checkpoint. The official who screened me was busy with someone else so I presented my itinerary to another screener. “Go ahead,” he said. Read full column Here: News New Mexico


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