A help or a hindrance? Wildfires fan flames over environmental policies

From Capitol Report New Mexico.com - This year has proved to be the worst season ever for wildfires in New Mexico and now the rhetoric between environmentalists and critics of recent forest management policies is blazing as well, with charges that eco-friendly policies have actually made wildfires more devastating while environmental groups counter that such charges are baseless. Last week at a Water and Natural Resources Committee hearing, Sen. Clint Harden (R-Clovis) called for legislators to start looking into whether efforts to remove underbrush and thin forests are being hampered by environmental policies. While everyone agress that the state’s drought conditions are the main culprit in the actual number of fires, “the density, the undergrowth, the fuel that’s a big piece of the fires that are going on,” Harden said, are contributing to the intensity of wildfires and need to be trimmed. (You can click here for more on that story.) Read more


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