With Debt on Creditwatch, Obama: "Don't Call My Bluff"

Bloomberg - President Barack Obama may summon congressional leaders to a Camp David summit this weekend after the latest round of White House negotiations on the deficit ended on a tense note and Moody’s Investors Service warned the stalemate could jeopardize the U.S.’s credit rating. Obama told the lawmakers they have until tomorrow to decide whether they can reach a deal to cut the deficit or settle for a way to raise the $14.3 trillion debt ceiling before U.S. borrowing authority expires Aug. 2, two Democratic officials said. The increasing tension between Democrats and Republicans was underscored by dueling accounts of a White House meeting that ended sourly. Obama “got very agitated” and left the room after House Majority Leader Eric Cantor suggested a vote on a smaller deal, Cantor said in an interview. “Don’t call my bluff; I am going to the American people,” Obama said, according to Cantor, a Virginia Republican. Read full story here: News New Mexico


Anonymous said...

I say this; NOT ONLY CALL HIS BLUFF...R-A-I-S-E HIM!! The only presidency that could, arguably, have been a bigger failure in the history of the United States would be Jimmy Carter's. What a legacy, huh? Our first default on the national debt on Obama's watch. And why? Because the president INSISTED on having SOME kind of tax hike, even if it's only a few billion...JUST SO HE CAN SAVE FACE AND SAY HE DIDN'T GIVE IN. It just goes to show where this narcissistic clown's values are grounded. I say...give him what he deserves.

Anonymous said...

What the democrats don't understand is this; the mere ACT of republicans voting to increase the debt ceiling alone IS the sacrifice they bring to the table, PERIOD. THIS IS A HUGE SACRIFICE. The people didn't give them a majority in the house so that they could then renege on EXACTLY what they promised to prevent (MORE SPENDING & HIGHER TAXES). Why doesn't the president and his gaggle of cronies get that? They're election tone deaf. It's as though they have amnesia. Duhhhh!! It's VERY evident that the president doesn't respect any message sent to him by the voters. If he did respect the people, we wouldn't have Obamacare staring us in the face and a 14 trillion dollar budget deficit. Does the president really think threatening to stop social security payments to the people will endear him to the voters? For someone who is alleged to be so intelligent I find this remarkably not so brilliant. This strategy is supposed to win him votes? Perhaps the real truth is that he's angry with what the majority of the voters want and his threats of non-payment of social security benefits represent a manifestation of his anger. It's a tantrum of sorts.

Anonymous said...

This president is doomed to fail over this debt ceiling issue. A leader who threatens the majority of the electorate with financial disaster, if he doesn't get his way, is both ideologically desperate and mentally weak. From all accounts, it would appear Mr. Obama is now taking hostages. His petulant behavior and unmitigated ideological agenda has allowed his political adversaries to gain a definitive political advantage. He's painted himself into a corner with only two avenues in which to proceed. Absent a measure of serious back peddling, almost certain capitulation and articulating a more passive interpretation of what he meant, I see virtually no hope of Mr. Obama saving face other than risking a default on the national debt and then attempting to assess blame to his political enemies. The former would benefit Americans most. Only a selfish delusional moron would choose the later. To this approach I would say, "good luck and God help us all." As difficult and unfair as it may seem, American voters are learning a harsh and painfully expensive lesson that comes with electing a leader who wasn't properly vetted. While voting is one of the great privileges in a democracy it is also a responsibility not to be taken lightly. We should all pray for our leaders to make the right choices. Ours and future generations are depending on their wisdom and ability to successfully navigate these difficult times of peril.

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