Block's Behavior Changing Policies at PRC

Jerome Block Jr.
Santa Fe New Mexican - Mileage and gas-card receipts at the Public Regulation Commission should get much more scrutiny under a plan by Chief of Staff Johnny Montoya. Montoya is working to assign someone in the agency to dedicate his or her time to managing its fleet, including closely reviewing mileage sheets. He also is working to integrate a system several other state agencies already use that can place limits on an employee's gas-card use. The system can also send alerts to supervisors about an employee's purchases, and stop the card from being used if it exceeds a certain limit. "So when Johnny Montoya's gas card reaches $200 a week, it will send an alert," he said. The proposed changes come as Commissioner Jerome Block Jr. is under scrutiny for his state gas-card purchases, and there are questions over the mileage he sometimes listed on travel documents.  Read full story here: News New Mexico



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