Hydrating the Key to Practice Heat

KOB TV - Brutal summertime heat has killed two high school football players in Georgia and a coach in Texas this week, leading many parents to worry about their young athletes here in New Mexico. Paramedics took a player from the Eldorado High School practice field in Albuquerque late this afternoon, saying the player was suffering from dehydration, dizziness and disorientation. "He'll be fine," said one paramedic. "This is just a precaution." Across town at Highland High School, the Hornets were in pads and helmets and the thermometer said it was 92 degrees in the shade, only there wasn't a speck of shade anywhere near the sun-roasted artificial turf of their practice field. The kids did get numerous opportunities to guzzle water, probably a lot more opportunities than Tommy McDonald got when the NFL Hall-of-Famer played at Highland back in '51 and '52. Coaches have learned a lot since then. "We give these guys breaks about every 30 to 45 minutes, making sure they're staying hydrated," said Hornets head coach Derek Maestas. "We also make sure that after practice they'll have appropriate drinks. We're trying to get them to have chocolate milk. That way they replenish the fluids that they have. We're always looking out for these boys to have plenty of fluids in them." Read full story here: News New Mexico


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