Mexican federal police reportedly beat, threaten Juárez police spokesman

From the El Paso Times - By Marisela Ortega Lozano - Three Mexican federal police officers in Juárez allegedly beat and threatened a Juárez police spokesman, officials said. Adrián Sánchez was allegedly attacked Friday night when he changed lanes on De las Torres Avenue, Sanchez said in a telephone interview. Upon getting pulled over and stepping out of his vehicle, which was marked as an official police unit, federal police officers reportedly verbally abused, pushed and kicked Sánchez on the legs, Sánchez said. "I followed their instructions all the time, so there was no reason for their behavior," Sánchez said. "But when I identified myself as an official from city police, they (federal police officers) acted up even worse." According to Sánchez, one federal officer instructed him to open his legs to search him while their partners checked Sánchez's vehicle thoroughly and began calling him names. "Once they found out I work as the local police spokesman, they threatened me and told me they're going to beat me up the way Juárez police officers beat federal officers, they said," Sánchez added. The whole incident happened in a 15-minute timespan in the middle of a busy avenue located in south Juárez. Read more



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