David Axelrod: Obama 2012 Campaign Will Be 'Titanic Struggle'

From the Huffington Post - MANCHESTER, N.H. — President Barack Obama's chief political adviser on Tuesday conceded that a dark cloud looms over the American economy and Obama's political future, describing the president's road to a second term in the White House as "a titanic struggle.""We have the wind in our face because the American people have the wind in their faces," David Axelrod told an audience of New Hampshire politicians and business leaders. "So this is going to be a titanic struggle. But I firmly believe we're on the right side of the struggle."
But even as he acknowledged the stark political reality, Axelrod said the president would ultimately win re-election, in part because of the flawed field of Republican candidates. He characterized their plans to repair the nation's ailing economy as the same kind of deregulation and tax cuts that caused the downturn in the first place. "This isn't new wine and old bottles. This is old wine and old bottles," Axelrod said. Read more


Anonymous said...

His legacy will parallel the sinking of the Titanic. What a foolish man. Class warfare will not win him re-election.

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