Mexican police seize rifles, handguns, grenade at Chihuahua prison

From the El Paso Times - by Daniel Borunda - Assault rifles, 18 handguns and a tear-gas grenade was among contraband seized from inmates in a Chihuahua prison last week, Mexican federal police said. Federal police said the search of the Aquiles Serdán prison on Sept. 8 began after an inmate was found with a .45-caliber handgun and gunshots were heard during the transfer of 15 prisoners. Police located the contraband hidden in a secret tunnel and cells. Police seized three AK-47 rifles, two AR-15 rifles and an Uzi submachine gun as well as 21 cell phones, various knives, 80 liters of homemade wine, 48 beer cans, heroin and cocaine. Inmates also had microwave ovens and plasma-screen televisions. Read more


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