Pearce: Local Resource Management Increases Public Safety, Creates Jobs

Steve Pearce
By U.S. Congressman Steve Pearce - New Mexico State Forestry has reported 1,263 fires, burning more than 1 million acres since July 2010. This report shows the danger in which our homes, our communities, and our families have been placed. Mismanaged, overgrown forests contribute to the spread of wildfires that have devastated our state over the past year. The threat of fires in New Mexico could be decreased, giving us safer homes and healthier forests. I have never been a proponent of clear cutting our forests; however, I am strongly in favor of healthy conservation through targeted forest management. Regular thinning of trees helps protect local watershed, decreases the risk of fires, and provides a better forest for wildlife and for the people of New Mexico. Read rest of column here: News New Mexico


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