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Commentary by Michael Swickard - To many people there is nothing but politics. Every problem, every solution, every news story for them centers on politics. The yardstick they carry only measures political influence and action. Example: when someone speaks of rain or lack of rain these people trot out the Global Warming political statements either to be proven or not by the evidence of rain.For these political junkies their world is a Zero Sum world where people either win or lose, there are no ties and no real cooperation. By its very definition running for office is either win or lose. In a political contest the person coming in second gets absolutely no seat at the table. Only the winner gets seated. You are either with us or against us.And then something totally unexpected happened in our country. A couple of years ago the TEA Party movement came into being. It was the summer of the ObamaCare debates. When elected representatives returned home for the summer recess, they were confronted with lots of citizens who hammered them about their support. In the middle of the reports, some reporters were looking for a way to describe all of these people who were not happy. A reference was made to the Boston Tea Party and some people said TEA stood for Taxed Enough Already.To be sure, there is not just one movement, rather, there are almost as many TEA Parties as there are people involved. Read Column


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