Eric Holder's War on Border Patrol Continues

Jesus Diaz
Free Republic - Since February 24, 2011, U.S. Border Patrol Agent Jesus Diaz has been sitting in a prison cell, following a conviction on one count of excessive force and 5 counts of lying to Internal Affairs. Given the circumstances of his case, and this government’s seeming crusade against Border Patrol agents, Agent Diaz could arguably called yet another political prisoner for Mexico. His crime? On October 16, 2008, Agent Diaz responded to a location near Eagle Pass, TX, after a report came in that several drug smugglers were in the area after crossing the river. Once the illegal aliens were apprehended, Agent Diaz allegedly pulled on the handcuffs of one of the smugglers as he was placing him in a vehicle…That’s it.
Eric Holder
Though two separate oversight agencies conducted their own investigations and cleared Diaz of any criminal wrongdoing…U.S. Attorney Johnny Sutton brought charges against Diaz, and in September 2010, the case ended in a mistrial. However, the Obama Justice Department brought charges against Diaz again, and this time--they received a conviction. In this trial, the feds would not allow testimony introduced which showed that prosecution witnesses committed perjury in the first proceeding. Diaz faces up to ten years in federal prison when is sentenced in November. The drug smuggler, who was a minor at the time of his arrest, was given full immunity in exchange for his testimony against Agent Diaz. Agent Diaz has is an 8-year veteran of the Border Patrol, has four children with his wife, Diana who is a Field Operations Supervisor with the Border Patrol. Read full story here: News New Mexico



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Too bad Holder doesn't hold the same views on lying under oath to Congress.

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