Officials say protesters held illegal march down Central Avenue

From - Albuquerque police said hundreds of people who protested against corporate greed, bank bailouts and high unemployment over the weekend never got a permit for the march. Police estimate more than 200 protesters illegally marched on Central Avenue Saturday and said arrests could have been made but chose not to. Officers conducted rolling street closures instead, keeping cars of Central Avenue and protestors safe. "We felt like we were able to minimize any problems…and we did," said APD spokesperson Trish Hoffman. During the march, an ambulance had to follow the detour around the unexpected roadblock. A war protest turned into a riot against police 10 years ago. Officers arrested protesters and the city was sued for police misconduct. "It was a totally different situation. It was not a calm situation like this one was," Hoffman explained. The protesters set up "Camp Coyote" at the corner of University Boulevard and Central Avenue at UNM Saturday night. They have been sleeping there ever since. "We're not fighting against all systems, just the systems that deny basic needs like food, water, shelter and education," said protestor Lisa McCellon. UNM police have told the group if they try to sleep there again Monday night, they will arrest the group. Read more


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