Pearce: Center for Biological Diversity Uses Taxpayer Funds to Manufacture Lawsuits and Intimidate

Washington, DC (October 4, 2011) Today, Congressman Steve Pearce issued the following statement regarding the Center for Biological Diversity’s threatened lawsuit against Catron County, New Mexico: “I make no apologies for representing the people of New Mexico, and working for their interests,” said Pearce. “My goals are jobs and commonsense management of our resources, and I will continue to fight for policies that will achieve these goals. Our local residents and elected officials have a right to make decisions regarding areas within their jurisdiction without the sword of litigation dangling over their heads,” Pearce continued.
“As it relates to Catron County, the Center for Biological Diversity’s (CBD) statement is ludicrous as usual, and the lawsuit threat is a prime example of their method of operation—manufacturing lawsuits at taxpayer expense in order to intimidate local people. These outside groups take local governments and the federal government to court on a constant basis, and as settlements and federal tax returns show, taxpayers are legally obligated to hand over millions of dollars to their pit bull lawyers. From 2000-2009, CBD filed 409 lawsuits in federal district courts and 165 appeals in federal appeals courts. In the last two years, they filed another 67 suits and 152 appeals. CBD is doing what they do best: cranking up their lawsuit factory to tie the hands of local residents and our community leaders to keep them from reaching proper solutions. As we saw in Otero County, bringing people together to voice their concerns is the most constructive way to solve our problems.”



Anonymous said...

Just more crap. The federal government does not have the authority to have the endangered species act, nor the environmental acts, nor 99% of EVERYTHING the federal government does. READ YOU CONSTITUTION. IT IS EXACT. There are no inherent powers. There are no implied powers. There are only the EXACT powers enumerated in the Constitution. No more. No less. But YOU have been brainwashed through government lies and are not learning the true Constitutional limits of the federal government. The information is out there and has been since the day the Constitution was first written. Quit being ignorant. And I include the honorable Rep in this. Quit thinking you know things just because it was done that way. Any time you believe any part of a piece of legislation does not pass constitutional muster your are required, by honor and oath, to vote against it. It matters not that other parts are ok. If a single phrase is wrong, the whole legislation is wrong. It is time to have integrity, something totally lacking out there.

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