Teacher accused of duct taping students

From KRQE-TV.com - An Albuquerque third-grade teacher has been placed on paid administrative leave for allegedly duct-taping the mouths of two students to keep them quiet, according to APS Police. Students in one third grade class at Mark Twain Elementary near Constitution and Louisiana went home with a letter that states the teacher is being investigated for "alleged employee misconduct." An APS spokesperson would not comment further calling the issue a personnel matter. APS said the teacher hasn't been charged with anything, but the district removed the teacher from the classroom because the allegations involve students. "Outraged, very much so, very angry," said Ann Chavez, the parent of a third-grader in another class. "There's never an excuse for putting duct tape on a child's mouth ever." A substitute teacher has taken over the class until the investigation is finished. Read more


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