Governor: Current NM DWI laws too soft

From - November has proven to be a deadly month when it comes to DWI crashes. More than half a dozen people, including two children, have lost their lives and alcohol is suspected as a leading cause. KOB Eyewitness News 4 took the troubling news to the New Mexico’s top political leaders to see what they plan to do about it. “What’s going on right now is people are still making the same conscious decisions to drink and drive,” said Secretary of Public Safety Gorden Eden. In the 2011 NM State Legislature, Governor Susana Martinez pushed for three anti-DWI bills that create harsher penalties for repeat DWI offenders and forces habitual DWI offenders to forfeit their vehicles, but none of them passed. Martinez said she plans to reintroduce these bills in the next legislative session. “We no longer are going to go soft on people who drink and drive in vehicles repeatedly,” said Gov. Martinez. “We have to get tough on repeat offenders.” Read more


john martin said...

To discourage DWI and to encourage a fundamental change in public attitude, New Mexico has enacted some of the toughest New Mexico Dwi Laws in the country.

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