Interior Rejects Bingaman's Southern NM Wilderness Bill

Jeff Bingaman
From - State Directors will identify “crown jewel” BLM-managed areas that have broad support for Congressional designation under the Wilderness Act. Only those areas that are manageable as wilderness and have strong BLM Field Office and State Office support for wilderness designation should be identified. Since then BLM has been about the process of identifying those "crown jewels" and yesterday Secretary Salazar released the list and an accompanying report.  In his letter to Congress presenting the report Salazar said: We have compiled this list of special lands based on input and encouragement from members of Congress, state and county officials, our own land managers, and other interested parties. In all cases, the highlighted areas have significant local support. Nowhere in that report will you find the 242,000 acres proposed by Bingaman in S. 1024, and for good reason.  The Bingaman bill is opposed by the two most prominent business organizations in Las Cruces, the local and national law enforcement community, and ranchers and other users of these lands.  More News New Mexico


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