Room and Board for Eight Roosters: $3,600 a Month

Santa Fe New Mexican - The roosters will live to crow another day. That means Santa Fe County taxpayers, at least for now, remain on the hook for about $120 a day to house eight birds seized as evidence during a July 2010 cockfighting bust that still hasn't come to trial. State District Judge Michael Vigil on Monday denied a prosecutor's motion to euthanize roosters removed from the La Cienega home of 27-year-old Raul Trinidad-Enriquez. "The remaining birds should be put down and frozen for evidentiary purposes," Deputy District Attorney Regina Ryanczak wrote in a "Motion for destruction of seized roosters/cocks" filed Oct. 17. "The expense of keeping the birds alive is substantial to the county and unnecessary given that the animals can be preserved by freezing," the motion states. Trinidad-Enriquez's attorney, Augustine Rodriguez, said killing his client's birds would be ridiculous. "Those are his animals, and he should have a right to keep them alive," Rodriguez told Vigil. The attorney added that these are valuable roosters, ranging in value from $300 to $1,500. Read full story here: News New Mexico


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