Gentry (R) and Keller (D) Work Together

Nate Gentry
News NM - Senator Tim Keller (D-17) and Representative Nate Gentry (R-30) introduced legislation to add predictability to state of New Mexico agencies' rule-making and regulatory processes. HB 34 would impose a standard set of rule-making requirements on all New Mexico agencies and would give New Mexico businesses greater certainty as to what would be required of them when they choose to invest in New Mexico. 
Tim Keller
Under the current regulatory structure, any executive agency can alter licensing and permitting processes as they see fit and as many times as they like. Because of this, the "rules of the game" are different for nearly every entity that touches state government. This bill would standardize procedures such as public comment periods, appeal methods, fee structures and response requirements. “Providing regulatory certainty is a big step in the right direction to making our state a better for businesses and for the public. This bill creates a framework for consistency based on best practices and bi-partisan common sense.”
"Too often, New Mexico agencies change the rules of the game and, because businesses are not clear about what will be expected of them, they chose to invest in states where the regulatory environment is more predictable," said Gentry. "I am confident that this legislation will reduce the amount of risk businesses face and will encourage more investment in our state." The bill is the outcome of a year-long task force comprised of business, environmental, legal and community members and has been previously endorsed by the New Mexico Association of Commerce and Industry, and Conservation Voters of New Mexico. New Mexico is the last state in our country that does not follow this standard.



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