Islamic Terrorist Groups Plan Attacks on U.S. From Mexico

Pulaski note: On May 5th we reported a story about Hezbollah setting up camp near the Mexican border.  The original article can be seen here.   The -A new documentary by the Spanish Univision television channel titled “La Amenaza Irani” (The Iranian Threat) uses undercover, never-before-seen footage to illustrate how the Iranian regime’s growing ties to Latin America that threaten U.S. national security.  Documentaries Univision and Univision News investigative unit presents “The Iranian threat,” a revealing documentary that examines the growing political, economic and military of Iran in Latin America and the threat this attack mean for the region and the U.S. Production reveals exclusive findings, including audio recordings and video secret that provide a rare window to the alleged cyber attack perpetrated against the United States from Mexico. More News New Mexico


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