Sheriff Joe Captures Two Illegal Smugglers Who Had Been Deported 27 Times!

From Stand With - Maricopa County, AZ Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Human Smuggling Unit arrested 17 illegal aliens over 48 hours – including 2 smugglers, in the north valley region. The illegals had paid the smugglers between $1,000 and $2,000 each to be smuggled across the border. Demonstrating how Arizona is a critical gateway for the entire nation, most of those arrested were heading to locations in the east: Mississippi, Virginia, Florida, Georgia and New Jersey. They are now headed to Sheriff Joe’s Tent City instead. Way to go, Joe! But the shocking detail of this arrest is the history of the two smugglers, and what it says about he disgraceful situation at our Southern border. The two smugglers had been deported a combined 27 times! One smuggler, Ivan Lara-Roque, has been deported 13 times, and had been permanently banned from entering the United States (boy, that really stopped him, huh?). The other smuggler had been deported 14 times – the latest just one week earlier out of Colorado! That smugglers also admitted to 5 additional border crossings without being apprehended. Read more


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