Representative Miguel Garcia: Redistricting, Jim Crow, Jesus Soiling His "Undies" and Cultural Strangulation

Miguel Garcia
Yesterday Representative Miguel Garcia of Albuquerque released a press release to News New Mexico. It was a vicious assault on the redistricting rulings made by retired Judge James Hall. The attack featured an ethnically based theme and suggested that Judge Hall was returning New Mexico to the days comparable to the old Jim Crow laws in the south. In the release Representative Garcia said, "For the native Hispanic communities of southeastern New Mexico it is a nightmare in the awake stage, a return to Jim Crow 21 Century style, and where again Hispanics should be seen but not heard."
In the attack Garcia accused Judge Hall of erasing a half century of civil and human rights victories that, "Our Hispano people so valiantly fought to eliminate discrimination in voting and hiring, in equal access to public facilities, and in the instilling of human dignity by outlawing those demeaning and inhumane “No Niggers, Dogs, or Mexicans Allowed” placards at our places of business." Representative Garcia also said “Competitive districts is a politically charged term for diffusing and eliminating Democratic Hispano voting strength."
Garcia addressed what he perceived as a complete betrayal by a Judge who is also a member of the Democratic Party with these words, "Even Jesus Christ soiled his undies every now and then."
Garcia piled on with this assertion, "Judge Hall trashed the constitution for an evil empire “competitive district” House plan conjured up by our beloved Governor Susana Martinez."
Garcia did not stop with Jesus, Judge Hall, or Governor Martinez. He also trashed the southeastern portion of New Mexico saying the area has a "History of blatant discrimination, segregation, cultural strangulation, and human and civil rights violations of minorities."
Judge James Hall
Garcia also specifically ridiculed Judge Hall's decision on the southwest Clovis and north Portales areas accusing him of gerrymandering a district with a "token 50% Hispano adult population."
Pouring it on Garcia said Judge Hall, "Failed miserably on being equitable to the Hispano communities in south eastern New Mexico." Garcia called for "federal oversight" as a "much needed standard in our state."
Garcia ended his press release with this question: "Where's El Aquila Negra, The Cisco Kid, and The Lone Ranger and Tonto when we need them. For sure they were not in Judge Hall's court room." You can read the full transcript of Representative Miguel Garcia's media release on redistricting here: News New Mexico


Jaxon said...

So...once again, when will this democrat resign for his racial rant? Is there a single democrat in the state who will call for this racist to step-down? I just wonder how long it would take for a democrats to demand a republican step-down for making an equally offensive statement? This man teaches high school students? Really?

Anonymous said...

Rep Garcia sure sounds more racist than anyone else I've heard laterly.

He can rant all he wants. Those gringos of us who grew up in snm in the 1950s know better. There were problems in both directions and following AA, people who never caused any problem were cheated in order to "fix" something that may or may not have been real.

Someone needs to read the history of Spaniards in the new world.

LAT-Silver City said...

Representative Garcia has used only generalities in the language of his rant on racism. On what specific actions and legislation in years past does he base his accusations? The use of generalizations only serves to incite people who may not be educated in political events. What such language does is keep those folks who are not told the truth in a subservient state with people like Mr. Garcia continuing to put and keep themselves in the elitist state.

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