Silver City a Commuter's Dream

Silver City
NM Business Journal - Which small town's in New Mexico are a commuter's dream? Silver City (population: 10,277) in southwest New Mexico enjoys the smoothest traffic flow of any community in the state with a population between 10,000 and 50,000, according to a new On Numbers study. More than 70 percent of Silver City's workers (the national average is 28.7 percent) take 14 minutes or less to drive from home to their jobs. Just 1.55 percent of the workforce in Silver City, on the other hand, faces a daily commute of 45 minutes or more. The U.S. average is 15.5 percent. The runner up in New Mexico is Deming, also in the southwestern part of the state. The small town with the longest commute is Los Lunas, in Valencia County just south of Albuquerque. Read full story here: News New Mexico


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