Colorado Senate Does What NM Won't Do

NewsNM note Spence) - Think actions by Senators Michael Sanchez and Lisa Curtis to deny a simply liability limit can't ruin hundreds of million of dollars in taxpayer investments in Spaceport America. Think again. Take a look at what is happening in Colorado.
DENVER (CBS4) – A bill that would help make Colorado a leader in space travel is moving through the legislature. On Tuesday the Senate approved a bill that would limit liability to any company operating spaceflights out of Colorado.
Dennis Heap, the manager at Front Range Airport, says the bill is key to space travel so companies would be willing to invest without worry of major lawsuits. The airport is already working on a program to put sub-orbital planes on the edge of space.
A spaceport is similar to an airport but would allow travelers to get to their destination by flying just outside of the earth’s atmosphere.
“It’s going to be basically an airport style delivery system in the future that’s going to deliver commercial point to point travel,” Heap said.
A similar program and spaceport is already in the works in New Mexico. Read full story here: News New Mexico


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