Cartels Murder Five Police Officers, Force Juarez Police Retreat From Their Homes

NewsNM note- (Spence) In a speech made by President Obama in El Paso last year he declared that the border was safe and some people would never be satisfied. Unfortunately the number of atrocities on civilians and now police officers in Juarez, El Paso's sister city just across the border, are reaching the levels that are worse than the most vicious war zones on the planet.
President Obama in El Paso
CBS - The Associated Press is reporting that every police officer in Ciudad Juarez has been ordered to leave home and stay in a hotel after the killing of five officers by a local drug cartel. Just a week ago a local drug cartel threatened to kill one policeman a day unless Police Chief Julian Leyzaola resigns. The mayor of Juarez says the attacks carried out since then are a response to police action against drug cartels in the city across from El Paso, Texas. The mayor says there is no way Leyzaola is stepping down.
Juarez police spokesman Adrian Sanchez says officers have been ordered to stay away from their houses because all the attacks happened as officers were going to and from their homes. Read full story here: News New Mexico


Jaxon said...

This is just one more example of president Obama living in Obama Fantasy World. Any president who would tell you that the El Paso border area is safe would is just as likely to tell you his economic policies are saving the U.S. economy. I'll tell you this, I surely wished we were all living in the same economic environment Obama fantasizes about.

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