Juarez Police Hide While Eric Holder Hides Documents on the DOJ Arming of Cartels

Yesterday Mayor Hector Muguia of Ciudad Juarez instructed all police officers to stay away from their personal residences. Drug cartel members just across the border have already killed five police officers in recent days, all near their homes.
Ironically, yesterday Attorney General Eric Holder was playing word games with Congress, as they investigated Operation Fast and Furious, which helped arm the cartels. In previous testimony, Holder has intentionally misled Congress giving dishonest answers regarding what he knew about arming Mexican drug cartels and when he knew it. Holder is currently withholding thousands of pages of documents on Operation Fast and Furious.
Eric Holder
Under Operation Fast and Furious, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) allowed weapons to enter Mexico. Multiple ATF agents have testified that they were ordered to let the weapons go, even though they requested permission to seize them. In November, one New Mexico Congressman, Steve Pearce, called for Holder’s resignation. Thus far Pearce's colleagues, Representatives Ben Ray Lujan and Martin Heinrich both Democrats as is Holder, have made no statements regarding Holder’s conduct.
Holder has been given until next Thursday, February 9th to turn over all documents related to Operation Fast and Furious, or Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa will hold him in contempt of Congress.



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