Legislative Session Marred by Stalling and Blocking of Reforms Ends at Noon Today

After a little more than a month of Ben Lujan, Ken Martinez, and Sheryl Williams Stapleton using stalling and blocking tactics to thwart most reform efforts in the House, while Michael Sanchez did the same thing in the Senate, Santa Fe is about to return to what passes for normal when the legislative session ends at noon today.
Still up in the air is the question of whether crime rings will continue to be able to operate with impunity in New Mexico thanks to a so called "compromise" bill in the Senate that will enable the DMV to continue to issue driver's licenses to people here illegally.
Also in question is whether New Mexico schools will continue to engage in the widely discredited practice of social promotion of children who lack basic reading skills.
It seems that the disastrous competitive impact of pyramiding due to a bad gross receipt tax structure will continue. And reforms to the scandal plagued Public Regulation Commission appear to have been effectively blocked in the Senate by Michael Sanchez.
It also appears that people working in the public education system (e.g. Sheryl Williams Stapleton) will be allowed to continue to leave their jobs, causing school districts to pay others to replace them, while they continue to draw their salaries and per diem in Santa Fe. This will happen while all other legislators serve on a volunteer basis.
Most New Mexicans paying attention are scratching their heads recalling that  just sixteen months ago Governor Martinez was elected to clean up the mess in Santa Fe.
However, with Democrats still in control of the House and Senate........reform blocking has become the name of the game played by those in control. It's a shame.



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