Agenda 21 Revisited

Jim Harbison
As many of you know I began to alert the public about UN Agenda 21 last year and began speaking out about the threat it imposes to private property rights and our Constitutional guaranteed freedoms. Many labeled me as just another conspiracy theorist. Unfortunately, many in the community still know remarkably relative little about Agenda 21 and its implications including most of our elected officials.
Agenda 21 is a UN developed plan purportedly about saving the environment - however it is not about conservation. it’s about control. It comprises initiatives that are as insidious as they are ambitious.
Its ideology stresses that “the rights of the people are granted by the government” which is in direct conflict with the American Constitutional concept that the “rights of the people come from God and the rights of government are established by the people”. According to Agenda 21 doctrine American sovereignty is a social injustice and is therefore unsustainable.
It has been implemented, without the approval of Congress, through Presidential Executive Orders like EO12852 and EO13575 and complemented with unchecked bureaucratic agency regulatory zeal. These agency policies have the effect of law. Using the coercive Sustainable Development zoning policies the EPA, HUD, BLM and local governments’ control, regulate, or confiscate private property to force people to move into high density multi-family urban housing complexes. Read rest of column here: News New Mexico



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