GOP Senate Candidates Weigh In On Mexico's Drug War

From (Heath Haussaman) -Greg Sowards says the long-term solution to Mexico’s drug war is to help Mexicans “realize their own potential” by encouraging free-market reforms; Heather Wilson says the United States must control its borders and disrupt the operations of Mexican drug cartels.  Sowards, a Republican candidate for New Mexico’s open U.S. Senate seat, said the situation in Mexico is not just a drug war, but is “lawlessness that has pervaded the society at every level” as “the societal structure has broken down.” Securing the border, supporting the Mexican military’s efforts to fight drug traffickers and gangs, and ensuring access to areas where undocumented immigrants travel by opposing wilderness designations along the border are steps Sowards wants to take to combat the spillover violence in the United States.  But, in the long run, he said, “the key metric for success comes from encouraging free-market reform in Mexico to bring more people above their poverty line,” which he said would “give Mexicans the economic opportunity to provide for their families closer to home instead of desperately taking to criminal acts or coming to America illegally.” “Mexico is a resource-rich nation, with a wonderful cultural society and social mores, if allowed to survive,” Sowards said. More Here


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