State officials prepare against terrorist fire threats

From - By: Stuart Dyson, KOB Eyewitness News 4 - As if New Mexico firefighters did not already have their hands full with lightning, pyromaniacs, careless people and fireworks, now they have terrorists to worry about too. The latest issue of Inspire, Al Qaeda's English language magazine, urges its readers to start wildfires in the United States, complete with instructions on the best ways to start them, and the best weather conditions for fires to spread. Here in New Mexico, firefighters and state public safety officers met Monday afternoon to discuss the threat from Al Qaeda. "We are prepared," said Governor Susana Martinez. "Our firefighters are on alert, the National Guard, we have our police officers in every county ready to respond. We have great hope that it's not going to happen, however we are very well prepared." "What we saw published were maps of high fire danger areas and some instructions on how to build some devices to start fires, as well as where to actually start the fires," said State Forester Tony Delfin. "That's a concern to us." Fire danger is already extreme in many parts of the state, with severe drought, high winds, and choked forests setting the stage for catastrophic fires. All it takes is a spark. read more


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