Anna Crook weighs in on GOP state Senate primary: “I fear our Republican party may be torn apart”

Anna Crook
Capitol Report New MexicoThe state Senate primary race between two Republicans fighting to replace outgoing Sen. Clint Harden (R-Clovis) has caused plenty of controversy in eastern New Mexico and now a sitting Republican member of the state House of Representatives has written an opinion piece decrying what she calls “a toxic political environment the likes of which I have never seen before.” Rep. Anna Crook (R-Clovis), who’s represented a conservative district in the Roundhouse since 1995 and is known in the legislature for her courtly demeanor, wrote a column published in the Quay County Sun, weighing in the primary matching Angie Spears against Pat WoodsSpears has been supported by Gov. Susana Martinez, who has donated a total of $7,300 to the Spears campaign and flew to the district last week to drum up support (in fact, the belly-first plane landing that the governor and her husband experienced near the Santa Fe Airport came when Martinez flew back from a Spears rally) while Woods has accused Martinez and political adviser Jay McCleskey of interfering in the race. McCleskey denies that and told the Clovis News-Journal earlier this month that “Woods has contributed thousands of dollars to liberal Democrats all over the state.” The Woods campaign responded with a flier depicting McCleskey as “a slick political consultant” trying to divide Republican loyalties in the district. Read More News New Mexico



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