Carney Covers for Obama and Holder

Jay Carney
White House Press Secretary Jay Carney has a tough job. He has to stand at a podium before reporters almsot every day and make false statements. He did so again on Thursday when he suggested that unanswered subpoenas demanding information on the deaths of two federal law enforcement agents that came as a result of the “Fast and Furious” gun-running operation is nothing more than “political theater.” 
Brian Terry's casket
In a feeble attempt to explain why President Obama chose to claim “executive privilege” over Justice Department documents sought by Congressional investigators who are trying to determine who actually gave the order to allow guns into the hands of Mexican Drug Cartels, Carney blamed the GOP. As the efforts to obstruct and deceive have escalated, investigators also want to determine what actions taken by the DOJ led Eric Holder to submit a false statement to investigators that he had to later retract.
Jaime Zapata's casket
In a cynical game of political chess the White House has chosen to ignore the fact that the families of both slain officers (Jaime Zapata and Brian Terry) simply want to know how their loved ones could be killed protecting America, while the DOJ was shipping the guns that killed them to Mexican drug cartels.
Comfort offered at the Zapata funeral
Today, Jay Carney rubbed salt into the families wounds when he said Eric Holder has made repeated good-faith efforts to comply with the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee’s investigation. Holder has actually done nothing but make false statements and obstruct justice since the news of Fast and Furious first broke.
Astonishingly, when Carney was asked if he could state categorically that there has been no cover-up by the administration, he replied, “Absolutely.”
One can only wonder how with his role as press secretary Carney could know what will be the final outcome of the investigation of these two murders. He must get around.



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