DOJ Squanders Millions on Clemens Trials

Roger Clemens
NewsNM note (Spence) - Nobody should wonder why America is broke. Eric Holder's Department of Justice just finished wasting untold millions of dollars in resources trying to prove a baseball player lied about performance enhancing drugs. It is madness and everyone who has money withheld from their paychecks paid for it.
Boston Globe - For 10 weeks, Roger Clemens sat before a federal jury, his freedom and reputation at stake, and never spoke a word in his defense. As it turned out, he didn’t need to. The jury Monday acquitted the former Red Sox star of every charge in a celebrated perjury case against him. He faced six counts of lying to Congress in 2008 when he testified he had never used performance-enhancing drugs. The verdict was seen as a rebuke of the government’s prosecution of one of baseball’s greatest pitchers. Read full story here: News New Mexico



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