IMF's Lagarde to Germans: You Work So the Rest of Europe Can Borrow, Spend, and Vacation

Christine Lagarde
Christine Lagarde, the Frenchwoman who is now head of the International Monetary Fund has a plan to fix Europe. Knowing that the German people work longer hours and take far less time off for vacations than the French, Largarde is pressuring Germany to take the income Germans make and give it to others in Europe who insist on living a life of leisure.
According to the Guardian, though she made no mention of the woeful lack of work ethic that has plagued most of Southern Europe for decades, Lagarde warned that the euro is under "acute stress." She urged leaders, (meaning Germans) to channel their hard-earned money directly to struggling banks in work ethic-challenged nations rather than to their governments.
In the meantime, Italy's prime minister, Mario Monti, suggested dire consequences if next week's summit of EU leaders did not include decisive action. Again, decisive action being that hard working Germans should give the money they sacrificed to make, to other people in other nations who are too lazy to work and fend for themselves.
Apparently Lagarde thinks all seventeen eurozone nations should jointly issue debt, despite the fact only a handful are creditworthy. Largarde also wants to relax the condition that insolvent nations reduce borrowing and spending. "At the moment, the viability of the European monetary system is questioned," Lagarde said. When asked what Germany would think of her suggestion that they work while the rest of Europe plays, she answered: "We hope wisdom will prevail." Indeed.



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