NM reacts to Arizona immigration law ruling

KRQENew Mexican’s had their own opinions about the Supreme Court ruling that rejected key parts of Arizona’s controversial immigration law, but how will it affect the state and our policies. Law makers and enforcement agencies are keeping a close eye on Arizona to see if ruling will have any impact here. The New Mexico’s American Civil Liberties Union says the decision is both a victory and a loss. Representatives with New Mexico’s ACLU say the ruling clearly states that immigration laws need to stay in the hands of the federal government. That is something that state and local law enforcement agencies are sticking with.They currently meet federal standards and only check immigration statuses once a person is booked into jail. The New Mexico ACLU is concerned though that the ruling will lead to racial profiling because they did not take out the show me your papers provision of the law and officers are still allowed to ask a person their status.  Read More News New Mexico



Jaxon said...

Law enforcement authorities have been cleared to verify the immigration status of suspected illegal aliens. At the core, the State of Arizona petitioned the court to have the right to enforce federal immigration laws. That provision is what the ACLU objected to. In my view, the ACLU lost. That being said, because the ACLU claims victory...finally the ACLU and the people can celebrate a US Supreme Court ruling that UPHOLDS the rights of ALL STATES to verify the immigration status of those stopped for other reasons. Isn't it GREAT that we ALL agree that US immigration laws can now be enforced by the individual states as well?

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