PEARCE: NEW MEXICANS FOUGHT, WASHINGTON LISTENED Applauds the Decision to Save Thousands of Jobs

Steve Pearce
Washington DC - Today, Congressman Steve Pearce released the following statement regarding the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s announcement that the dunes sage brush lizard will not be listed as endangered:
 “For over a year, New Mexicans have fought against the unnecessary listing of the lizard,” said Pearce. “They have demanded that the lizard not be listed without accurate science or at the expense of jobs for hardworking people. Finally, Washington listened, and the lizard will not be listed. This is a huge victory for the people who have so tirelessly fought to save their jobs and their way of life. I extend my gratitude to the New Mexicans who came to the table, and through good faith efforts, voluntarily protected the lizard’s habitat.”
 “Local and state officials, private stakeholders and conservationists put millions of dollars and acres into this balanced approach that saves both the species and jobs,” Pearce continued. “This is undoubtedly one of the most successful CCAAs ever. The willingness of New Mexicans to conserve the habitat and species serves as a fine example of what we can do when the federal government takes input from all sides, and tries to find common ground. I am proud of the hard work that went into this effective and efficient solution, and I am pleased that oil and gas jobs in New Mexico will not be killed at the hand of Washington bureaucracy.” Read More News New Mexico



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