Duke City Public Employees Caught Gambling, Shopping, and Running Errands on Taxpayers Dime

KRQE — (Albuquerque) - A two-month long undercover investigation revealed three employees who work in the field as inspectors for the city's planning division spent their job time doing everything but an honest day's work.
Surveillance video shows the three inspectors gambling, shopping, running errands and visiting with friends. City officials said they got a tip about the three disappearing from work for hours at a time.
"They'd drop off their city vehicle, and they'd get in their personal vehicle and go about their personal business," said Chief Administrative Officer Rob Perry. Video shot by Robert Caswell Investigators showed one woman visiting Sandia Casino on June 21 and June 26. On both occasions, she is seen playing penny slots for hours. Read full story here: News New Mexico


Jaxon said...

Sure...no wonder Obama would rather grow jobs in the government sector.

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