Is Obama Campaign Team Scripting Quotes For New Mexico Business Owners to "Say"

Alamogordo Daily News - Is President Obama's campaign team scripting quotes for business owners who are helping in his re-election bid? Mahen Gunaratna, New Mexico-Arizona communications director for the Obama campaign, declined to answer that question Tuesday after he distributed separate press releases containing strikingly similar quotes from two businesspeople, one in Santa Fe, the other in Albuquerque. Both statements criticized Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.
The Obama campaign issued the following statement that it said was from Patricia Arens, owner of Valley Spring Rentals of Santa Fe:
"The reality is that you can't cut your way to prosperity. His (Romney's) plan would gut critical investments in education, training and infrastructure so he can give more tax breaks to millionaires like himself and companies that ship jobs overseas."
In a second press release issued 25 minutes later, Gunaratna attributed this quote to Croft Elsaesser, owner of American Clay Enterprises in Albuquerque.
"Unlike Gov. Romney, the president knows we can't cut our way to prosperity or gut critical investments that we need to succeed....."
How was it that business owners in two different cities used the same description of Romney and his purported intentions?
In a telephone interview, Gunaratna said Arens and Elsaesser "signed off" on the quotes distributed by the campaign. Asked if they actually spoke the words attributed to them by the campaign, Gunaratna said he had "no other comment." Read full story here: News New Mexico


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