NM gov. steps up when she sees baby left in car

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From the Alamogordo Daily News - (AP) - SANTA FE, N.M.—When New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez saw a baby left alone in an unlocked and running car outside a Santa Fe store, she knew what to do.

She went into the Walgreens and got a clerk to get on the intercom to find the child's parents. And she lectured the child's father about leaving his 1-year-old girl unattended. 

KRQE-TV says Martinez's security details also called the police about the incident Wednesday. 

The father says the infant was sleeping and he didn't want to wake her up after a cranky day.

He says he was in the store to buy baby wipes. 

Santa Fe police questioned the man, but didn't press charges. But they will forward their report to the state Children, Youth and Families Department, which could take action.

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